Owner, Charlotte L. Brown-Parrott is an African American artist and author renowned for her captivating digital,mixed media and literary art. She has a passion for writing and  creating beautiful things that uplift and inspire. Her artistic journey is truly remarkable!

Charlotte’s artistic journey started with crafting stunning ceramic pieces. Alongside her artistic pursuits, she uncovered a talent for writing and achieved recognition as an award-winning author. Her most recent book, titled “My Body Is My Body: I Have Rules,” and an accompanying game board called “Don’t Break The Rules,” are centered around teaching children about body safety. What’s truly remarkable is that Charlotte personally designed both the book and game board using a carefully curated collection of purchased clipart. Her creativity and unwavering commitment to children’s safety radiate through her remarkable creations.

Driven by a love for creation, Charlotte embraced digital tools as aids to express her artistic vision. Over the years, she honed her skills as a graphic artist, delving into custom design for fellow authors, businesses, and organizations. Her expertise lies in crafting logos, flyers, book covers,  tshirts and more, showcasing a unique blend of artistic skills and designs.

Through her diverse artistic experiences, Charlotte unexpectedly found herself emerging as a true artist. Embracing the world of digital and mixed media art, she unlocked a whole new realm of creativity and expression.

One of Charlotte’s passions is utilizing healing colors as a form of therapeutic art, creating works that not only captivate the eye but also touch the heart. Her art serves as a medium for evoking emotions, spreading joy, and promoting well-being.

Recently, Charlotte’s talent has been showcased in remarkable ways. She was honored to participate in the esteemed Juneteenth Gallery Opening at Discover Newfields, where her work contributed to the The Truth of Freedom: The Language of Race exhibition. Additionally, her art has been featured at Indiana Landmarks, further solidifying her presence in the artistic community.

As a self-taught artist, Charlotte is driven by a lifelong desire for growth and improvement. She actively explores new techniques and perspectives, occasionally attending workshops to enhance her skills and expand her artistic horizons.

Charlotte remains committed to making a positive impact through her art. It serves as a catalyst for dialogue, encouraging empathy, understanding, and social change.